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Reese's first spring break! The Rosewood at Mayakoba

We were on our way home from a New Years trip to Kiawah, when I got the itch for the next vacation! We decided it was time for our little one to get her passport. We spent the whole car ride home trying to figure out an easy but warm travel destination with a 7 month old. Yes, this was a challenge. We have many years ahead of us to visit a kid/family friendly hotel. This being said, I wanted to stay somewhere nice that was baby friendly. After a few week of research ( you know I loved every minute of it) we decided on The Rosewood in Mayakoba, Mexico.

We had a 9:30 am flight to Cancun. The flight was nonstop and 2 hours and 45 minutes. Reese did really well on the flight! We fed her a bottle during take off and landing. We got lucky and had a really sweet young girl sitting next to us. Reese was having a blast on the flight. Her favorite toy was a water bottle! The only challenge was getting her to sleep! Once she fell asleep in John's arms, she was out for a solid hour.

After we landed we had to wait for the stroller at the gate. Reese smiled at every single person getting off of the plane. It was like she was Mexico's welcoming crew. Hilarious! Once we got the stroller, we headed into customs. Was that a treat! We waited for about an hour and we still had another hour to go. I didn't exactly have this in the schedule for the day. Reese needed another nap and started getting fussy. She cried for about 30 seconds when they pulled us to the front of the line! Man, we should have made her cry an hour before! JK! We were so excited about cruising through customs. We get our bags and are heading to the next security check point. We are almost in the front of the line when we realize we forgot a bag....Reese's bag!!! Obviously we are new parents! I ran through the airport, got her bag and we were good to go!

The Hotel picked us up. They had the carseat for us so we didn't have to bring one. Loved that feature! We had a short drive to the hotel. The driver had a fresh cold cloth for us as we entered the vehicle. I think we are creating a monster!

Upon arrival, they had a super tasty mojito waiting for us. We checked in and they gave us a little boat ride to our suite. Reese's first boat ride. She enjoyed a lime on the way there!

It was about 2pm when we got to our room. We ordered some room service while little one took a nap. Sipping a little rita next to our plunge pool. It is vaca time!!

After nap time, we headed out to the pool. Reese is definitely a pool girl! She loved it!

The first night we stayed in. We had excellent room service. Reese went to bed at 5:00pm. Our early bird!!

Every morning started with a fabulous breakfast. Breakfast was included when booking with our travel agent. Love the perks of a travel agent! They had a full spread. Everything you could think of wanting. Reese enjoyed Yogurt and Papaya every morning. John and I had a couple goodies from the buffet then we split an egg dish off of the menu. DELISH! We had fresh habanero sauce on everything! Big thanks to Ramos for recommending it!

After breakfast, we would head back to the room for Reese's first nap. This game me time to load up the beach bag. John did a little work. Then it was off to the pool as soon as she woke up. We attempted the beach twice but little one was not a fan!

After pool time we would head back to the room for another nap. John and I would relax and read at the pool outside of the suite. Back to the pool when she woke up!

The last 3 nights, we had a babysitter while John and I went out to dinner. Sweet Johanna was great! It was nice to bring Reese with us but still have adults night out!

The last night we went over to Banyan tree for dinner. We tried making dinner reservations 3 nights in a row. When then the resort is fully booked, they do not allow non-guests to make reservation. We were super annoyed because we were dying for the green curry we had two years prior. It was seriously live changing curry! We ended up ordering a few things at the bar and complained about the resort the whole time. We were happy when we returned to the lovely Rosewood!

Hotel Review- The Rosewood Mayakoba

Excellent property! Our favorite and the best in the Mayakoba development. The hotel thought every single detail through.

Rooms-Suites are very large. Our suite had 1100 square feet, one bedroom and two bathrooms. Massive closets and bathroom. The tub could fit 10 people in it. They had a really nice private outdoor shower as well. Nice little touches everywhere. Shampoo, conditioner and bath gel in decanters. Super plush robes and slippers. Espresso maker was perfect for an afternoon pick me up. Most of the rooms and suites are not ocean view. This did not bother us at all! We had an amazing plunge pool right on the lagoon. Wildlife was on your doorsteps. Turtles, lizards, alligators and more!

Service- Outstanding! You get your own personal butler. This came in handy when we forgot a hat on the beach. They brought our hat to the room within 10 minutes. Everyone on the property knew our names. They definitely know how to make you feel welcome.

Traveling with Kids- They made it very easy to bring a baby. The had a crib in the room. Bottle sterilizer, extra (free) bottled water, and an extra refrigerator upon our request. I did read that they can even provide formula, diaper, wipes etc. I will have to remember that for next time!

Resort Grounds- Flawless. Every foot of the property was manicured to perfection. Probably one of the most beautiful resorts we have stayed in. The resort covers a lot of area, so golf carts take you everywhere. You do not have to wait longer then 5 minutes for a ride. They have two pools. One pool at the beach and the other is by the front lobby. We preferred the pool by the lobby due to size. It was much larger.

Spa- Best spa ever! The whole spa facility was impeccable! The steam room had a super refreshing lemon mist. The have a hot tub, sauna and a cold plunge pool. While you are waiting on your service, they bring you a really refreshing green drink. The actually service itself was great! You have to walk through a jungle to get to your treatment room. It felt like you were in the middle of thailand. After your treatment, they give you and amazing hibiscus basil drink. All drinks are in champagne flutes which I particularly enjoy. The spa also has a really nice pool you can use the day of your service.

Fitness center- Nice but small

Restaurants- Good food not great. The habanero sauce at breakfast was probably the best thing we had the whole time! We loved it!

Drinks- Not very creative with the menu, but the drinks they did have were really good. Margarita's were excellent! The frozen mojiitos were really good too.

Overall, it was a fabulous trip! Reese thoroughly enjoyed her first flight and trip abroad. PS- Reese, we are really sorry about that passport picture. You will get a new one in a few years! I would highly recommend this trip to anyone with a young baby or kids. It was a perfect 4 night getaway!

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