9months4continents2012with Di travel blog

nealy there

camping Los Potreros style

Los Potreros

Los Potreros

Lou with goucho hat and polo pony -our hostess

deciding who rides who

me and "no name"

on the trail

ready to go

beautiful countryside for riding


lunch break


Head goucho Daniel



Los Potreros

goucho or as Ann said Theres the grouchos?

Kat, Liz' Canning, Stan, Julie, Errol, Kaye

Rachel, Ann, Sabine from Mamasita Jo and Ian

our entertainment - with peruvian drum - Ross and Sue-ann, Henry siting...

playing the Charango

burrowing owls

The cattle ranch

the posh part






























Arrived Los Paneros around 10pm after a hard day on the road to be greeted by the owner Kevin (he's Argentinian with an impeccable English Accent) who provided wine, cheese and biscuits but many were still hungry so started cooking at 11pm and ate after midnight. the cook group really did a great job considering the time. Got up the next day to a beautiful place with horses wandering around the tents and a couple of great dogs. Got paired up with our horses by height, weight and experience and set off with our saddle bags for a ride to a waterfall. We were not allowed to trot or go any faster than a walk as the horses are bred for Polo and many are still used for matches. My horse was called No Name and was quite beautiful as were all the others. Stopped for lunch and they made me climb again I don´t understand why. The ride lasted about 3.5 hours so we were back by mid afternoon and had time just to enjoy being there. Ross and Juan worked on the truck for the two days we were there in the hope that they would fix her before our next long drive. We got word that Yana had been held up in Santiago and would not be joining us so weren't looking forward to another big drive on Mamasita. Had our dinner in the recreation room and a couple of singers came to entertain us. It was a good diner, veggie pasta, cooked with love and alcohol - Vin decided to drink a bottle of rd while at the stove and when it came to serving up the meal he had consumed enough to be quite merry... he was seen standing over little Di insisting that she needed more pasta and she would get more pasta! Sue-anne having enjoyed a few drinks before dinner gave us a dancing expo and then Canning having downed a bottle of red decided to make an exhibition of himself and include me! It was probably very funny for our audience and in the end I decided to just let go I have it on video but no one else will probably ever see it. The musicians were really good and played a few different instruments including a Charango (10 strings'inc. 5 doubles) a Peruvian flute and a Peruvian box. There were a few dogs on the property - Harvey, Trooper and Boomer - and a Siamese cat - Norbert - so had to be careful where we walked especially in the dark -so Errol built a couple of poo-pees. Did a walk the next day to their posh area - $1000US for three nights and bought Cass a gaucho hat. Kevin organised an Argentinian BBQ for us with a bonfire lots of meat and a little salad. All of the South American Drago trips stop at the escandia so we were pretty well looked after - including lots of free wine for those interested. Saw some owls on the side of the road. They nest and roost in burrows, such as those excavated by prairie dogs and are around during the daylight hours.

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