They have dogs checking for drugs all over Arizona

The road to Quartzsite has a lot of dips

Entering Quartzsite...famous for the winter RV gathering

No Name Street :-)

The Duck! :-)


One of many RV Parks in Quartzsite

Last one!

We have been hearing about Quartzsite's huge RV gathering for years. We were out exploring and decided to drive the few extra miles just to see what the little town looks like.

Quartzsite is a mecca to well over a million visitors each year. Over 2,000 vendors with everything imaginable for RV's create one of the world's largest open air flea markets. RV's from all over the country make the drive to Quartzsite to buy and sell. Some even boondock without electricity for days for the event. It didn't have anything going on today. :-) We are hoping to attend one of the events in the future.

We were surprised how small the town is, it has a population of around 2,000 people. We saw several RV Parks, I am sure they are booked and full when the gathering begins. I am adding a few pictures of the area. Check back later for more from Arizona.

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