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These little ones just crack me up some of the time.

Last evening, while driving the grandkids to meet their mommy, Lauren said something really funny.

She saw the Mississippi River and said to us “That’s a Big Pile of Water”.

I laughed the rest of the way out to the Hospital.

There is no denying the fact that it is a lot of work to take care of these little ones, but they sure bring a lot of joy into our lives which takes away some of the fatigue.

Ten years ago it would have been much easier to entertain them because we had a lot more energy.

Nowadays, we are in our seventies and it is more and more difficult to keep up.

Just a fact of life!

We enjoy their company but enjoy equally the rare day we have to ourselves.

Along with the grandkids we have had fun watching the boy scouts who have been here for the past couple of days.

This morning we watched as they cooked and ate breakfast in the cold, wet weather, cleaned up, broke camp, packed everything up into the trailer they used to carry all of the equipment, and then appreciated the fact that they policed the area.

Forming a line, shoulder to shoulder, they walked the entire area, picking up any scrap of paper or anything else they found.

When they left, the camping area was cleaner than they found it.

Kudos to Troop 11 from Jefferson City, Missouri.

The scouts and their leaders were first class!

After the scouts left this morning the campground looked pretty deserted.

We took the little ones out for some fresh air. Colby rode his bike while Lauren rode in her stroller.

We were gone for about an hour, and when we all returned to the RV, Marilyn fixed some lunch for the kiddies. Then it was time to watch Madagascar II and take a nap.

These kids sure do like their naps, sleeping three hours or more, which gives us a nice break.

We take advantage of that time to doze in our recliners ourselves.

Colby has a cold which is not surprising since Marilyn has been under the weather for a week and a half.

I managed to fight the cold off with some meds and so far, all is ok with me.

Marilyn is feeling much better but we hate that Colby seems to be catching the cold now.

I guess we’ll take what life has to offer and be thankful for the life we live.

For sure, Life is Good!

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