Northern Vietnam 2012 travel blog

Weaving equipment corner

Showing where the warp cross is made

How the warp threads are carried

Walking the warp

Back beam construction

lease bamboo sticks

Close up of adjustable treadles

pivot for shafts

Adjustable beater and shafts as cloth progresses

How brake is suspended

Straight on view of the overhead warp brake

Scarf underway

Black Hmong courtship dance

Black Hmong

To our guide's relief we moved on thru the Ban Ta’Van, a village of Giay people, Giay or Dzay. This village walk thru offered more loom views and views of the valley thru the clouds. We had lunch in a village facility which appeared to have a Black Hmong pipe player and dancer to reenact a love song. I’ve compared the Giay and Hmong costumes and the clothing does appear to be Hmong, my field notes failed me.

However I’ve posted many loom pictures and components for the curious weaver on how these looms worked. I saw one loom with a very simple brake which required the weaver to stand up and release the brake, compared to others which allowed the weaver to stay seated. In this area there were no pattern storage devices in use on the looms that we saw. The cloth was two shaft plain weave. Embellishment appeared to be strictly batik or embroidery depending on ethnic group. The looms were very simply constructed but the adjustability of the bench, the treadles and the beater/shafts placements demonstrate a sound understanding of comfort for the weaver.

Our 3rd village, Ban Ho, was the home of the Tay people. Our hostess appeared to be a production weaver and was again generous with her practical details. She demonstrated her warping equipment and showed us how she used the house posts to wind the warp. She weaves with cotton and uses rice paste used to size warp (water after the soaking). She demonstrated toe weaving tape bands for a knife holder and men's jacket edging. Her production on the loom included cloth used for skirts, men's lapels, baby carriers, contemporary tourist clothing, and special head scarves for sale.

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