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Yesterday was another busy day, even without the grandkids.

I took the truck in for the 60,000 mile check which included changing oil, changing fuel filters, flushing the transmission and changing the fluid, and many other checks.

From the experience of friends I expected the bill to be around $500. It was quite a bit lower but did top the $400 mark.

Last night I led a tour of Mark Twain Cave. It was a group of sixth grade kids from Wichita, Ks. All of us had a great time and I received some very nice compliments from the group when the tour was over.

Marilyn was busy also, doing laundry and cleaning house, changing the bed linen, then making her awesome potato salad.

In my opinion she makes the best potato salad I have ever tasted.

I told her last night that I could eat the entire container full but she ordered me to save some for her. LOL

Today we did have the grandkids for the day but that was just fine.

I put the child’s seat in the truck and took Colby with me to Monroe City.

I had purchased two new tires and we had them installed today.

Colby went along and we had such a good time.

We listened to Willie Nelson sing “On the Road Again”, then walked around the Case Dealership looking at new and used farm machinery while the tire work was being done.

It was a few minutes after 11:00 by the time Colby and I made it back to Hannibal.

Both of us were hungry and Colby wanted to go to McDonalds where the play equipment was available. I tried to tell him that it was Burger King, not McDonalds but he insisted that it was McDonalds.

We ended up with a “Happy Meal” at McDonalds and no play equipment but that was ok.

By the time we arrived back at the RV I had one sleepy boy on my hands.

He asked me to put the DVD movie, Beethoven, on TV and he went right to bed for a nap.

Unfortunately, Lauren was just waking up from a short nap and was ready for her lunch.

Lauren had helped Marilyn defrost the freezer while we were gone and then took her short nap.

She was ready to play at the same time that Colby went down for his nap.

I remained indoors with Colby while Marilyn and Lauren went outdoors to play.

When they came back in, Lauren began putting stickers (like stamps) all over her Mimi and Papa.

I had to post a couple pictures of it. Funny that my favorite photographer for got to get any pictures of herself all decorated. I was willing to take one or more but never touched the camera. LOL

Another fine day with the grandkids.

Life is Good!

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