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We spend a fortune at tolls








Now we are really pressed to get to Cape Town in time. We leave Eshowe at 6am and with only a couple of stops make Bloemfonteins by 5pm. The roads generally are terrific, the speed limit usually 120, not that our little car with three adults and luggage can reach that very often.

We never hear horns and everyone is most civilised. A strong police presence so most are within the speed limits.

The service centres (or petroports) offer cafes, restaurants, supermarkets etc and are generally spotless.

One thing we have noticed is the lack of smoking. Have hardly seen anyone with a cigarette since arriving in Africa.

The landscape changes from rolling hills to flat desert type country with buttes and mesas. Very much like Arizona. We do traverse the Van Reenen Pass.

We are staying in a cute B&B in what is perhaps not the safest of towns. Very high fences – a lot electric wires. Glad we have the GPS so that we find our accommodation quickly with the least time spent on the streets. Even the door to our room has a security screen – even though the whole premises are behind security gates.

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