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I was so tempted to by pottery this morning! Beautiful, decorated, pragmatic or ornamental every piece called my name. I did however manage to resist but only because i have bought pottery in other countries before and carried it all the way home to rarely use it. So I satisfied my desire by taking pictures. Pottery is so amazing because the artistic nature is expressed through form as well as color, pattern, practicality and sometimes novelty. And I really love the Turkish patterns. There is a very Arabic flow to the design. The colors are not what I have in my house as they often have a lot of blue, white and touches of red. But the patterns often involve flowers -that definitely catches my eye!

The next stop was historical. Sultanhani was one of the surviving Inns from the 11century. A walled fortress, it was much more like a castle/fortress. It was designed to be a caravan stop on trade routes. Inns were generally 25 miles apart as that is how far a camel can travel in one day. It is also how far an army would usually march in a day. Sultanhani was impressive in size. It boasted a place for the livestock to be kept, and rooms for the travelers, a kitchen area, a bath area and In the center of the courtyard a covered area for worship. Beautiful craftsmanship some of the exterior and interior walls resembled Celtic knots and patterning.

Driving from Sutanhani to Mausoleum of Rumi the wind started to blow. At first gust of dust would blow by. Then it became clear the wind was stronger and steadier, phone lines swung around like skipping ropes and several were completely off the poles.. Suddenly so much sand would blow directly at us that the bus driver had to pull over and stop. The air was so full of sand it was impossible to see the side of the road from the bus. The bus driver said he had never seen anything like this in his driving experience and he has been driving this route for many years.

When we reached our hotel, we turned the news on and discovered 5 have died in the wind storms. Istanbul had winds of 105km per hour and other parts of the coast were up to 125 kph. And somewhere in the interior north of us they had a tornado. And tornadoes are unheard of in this part of the world.

Needing sleep so I will have to sign off now. I will love to tell you about the Mausoleum for Rumi when I see you!

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