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Columbia, SC - Dreher Island State Park - site 39

Columbia, SC - Dreher Island State Park - site 39, another view

Columbia, SC - Dreher Island State Park - site 39, view of...

Columbia, SC - Dreher Island State Park - site 39, another view...

Brunswick, GA to Columbia, SC 0 - our route - 248 miles

Brunswick, GA to Columbia, SC 1 - wildflowers along roadside

Brunswick, GA to Columbia, SC 2 - as we pass through Estill,...

Brunswick, GA to Columbia, SC 3 - some type of grain -...

Brunswick, GA to Columbia, SC 4 - coming through Fairfax, SC

Little Gap Trail 1 - The trail through the Lob-lolly pines, red...

Little Gap Trail 2 - look what wondered across our trail

Little Gap Trail 3 - it was a pretty speciman though

Our trip from Brunswick, GA to Columbia, SC was 248 miles and took about five hours. We prefer not driving on Interstates and we had an opportunity on this trip to cut the corner, so to speak, and take US 321 between I-95 and I-26 from just North of Savannah to just South of Columbia. It took us through a half-million small towns (one about every five miles, sometimes closer) and the scenery wasn't really that much better than staying on the Interstate. Doris took a picture from each of the two largest towns, Estill and Fairfax. Almost all of the towns are showing the effect of the down economy with a lot of stores boarded up. I am sure some of this is also do to the loss of residents as they move to the larger cities.

We are staying at Dreher Island State Park on the shores of Lake Murray just North of Columbia. The park is about 12 miles of winding roads off Interstate 26 and wouldn't be very good as a one night stop for those just traveling. It is a very nice State Park though with a good many lakefront sites. We are on one of the lakefront sites and have a beautiful view of the lake from the rear of the site. We have 30 amps and water with a dump available on the way out. We have great Verizon coverage and were able to get DirecTV by placing the tripod along the lake shore about 120 feet away! The only downsides to the site is that it is unlevel front to back and required blocks under the rear tires and jacks to get it level without lifting the tires off the ground. The site is built up trying to get it level so that leaves your space out the right side of the coach very limited - no room for the picnic table or even chairs. Site 43, two down from 39, would be a better site as it is more level, more room on the passenger side for chairs, etc. and also closer to the lake shore where I had too place the tripod for the satellite. It is very shaded so awnings were not needed but there was space for them if we had wanted to put them out.

After getting set up and checked in, we went back into the little town of Chapin and had linner (lunch/dinner) then returned to the coach and relaxed. Tuesday we slept in and then went on our first real hike of the trip which was the Little Gap Trail. This is a 2.1 mile trail through the Lob-lolly pines, red and white oaks and other hardwoods. It was a moderate trail just due to the constant up and down the hills on the islands it crosses. It was a good start for our trip and we felt good after it as we seem to be in better shape for this trip than least year's. I only took three pictures of the trail and two of them were of a black snake that crossed in front of us. Michelle: don't look at the last two pictures though your students will love them!!!

Tomorrow we head for Gaffney, SC which is the home of Freightliner Custom Chassis and where our Mothership's chassis was built. I will be attending a two day school so that I can better understand all of the systems this thing has.

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