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Just got done seeing Ron in recovery. His color is already better. He said the only thing he didn't like was they got the BP cuff too tight and it hurt. He has to lay still for 4 hours - not moving ANYTHING. Then he will stay in recovery instead of a real room for the night. No beds in the hospital - better care in recovery anyway. They will discharge about 9 tomorrow morning.

The descending artery in the middle of the heart had a 99% blockage in one place and a lesser amount in another - don't know if it was above or below - so two stents went in that artery. The other stent went in the artery at the top that goes around to the right - that one was blocked about 90%. So that is why 3 stents - rather than the 2 we thought would go in. The blockage was a lot worse than Dr. had thought. That was why he had no energy and was so tired. Should be a real difference now.

I really think God smiled on us again. If it wouldn't have been for a stupid trigger finger we would have never gone to the heart Dr. He said the just a bit more blockage and it could have been really bad. We feel very blessed.

I'm all checked in at the motel. I will go back around in about 3 hours as he is just sleeping now. I need to get some food. There is a Sonic just around the corner so I'll go there.

That's all I know for now. Thanks for all the good wishes. I was OK until they wheeled him in and I had to go to the waiting room. But sniffed a couple of times and then was OK.

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