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I was nine years old when I went to Bermuda. It was the second time I went, and also the second time I went by Cruise. I happen to love cruises, so this was a very relaxing and a fun family experience. On the island, there is much to do. I first went to the Chrystal Caves, a must-see in Bermuda. It is basically a whole cave covered in real crystals! Sadly, you can't take them. Biking around the island is very fun, and on any island, a big part of the daily transportation. The water there is very warm and nice, It feel like you are swimming in a giant hot tub! We went snorkeling in the Bermuda Triangle, which is very interesting to see all the different fishes and plants underwater. Snorkeling in Bermuda is different than any other island. The water is completely clear, and gets up to 80 degrees! I had a blast in Bermuda, and would definitely go back!

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