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It was bound to happen. There should have been no doubt.

As soon as Marilyn came down with a cold, it was inevitable that I would be next.

Since both of the kids work outside the home, we are the designated caretaker when we are in Hannibal.

Even though Marilyn does not feel well and I am coming down with the same cold, we had both of the grandkids here today.

The little ones were wonderful!

It was as if they sensed we weren’t feeling great, and it seemed that they were both sleepy.

They were so well behaved, so good that it made our job much easier.

After breakfast we watched a favorite DVD on the TV, then went outdoors to play.

Colby rode his bike to the parking lot while Lauren rode in her stroller.

We were gone for more than an hour before returning to the RV. More play followed, but the kids seemed to enjoy being indoors out of the wind.

Lauren made a tent with a large blanket, and played under the footrest of my recliner. Colby played and harassed me, pulling on one arm and then the other while I pretended that he had made one arm longer than the other. He continued pulling, trying to make my arms even. We had lots of fun.

Marilyn & I are both taking Z-Pac which should shorten the time and intensity of the cold.

Both of the little ones ate a good lunch and then took a nap.

Lauren loves the fireplace and naps right in front of it, on a large, super soft blanket laid on the floor.

Colby chooses the bed and likes to fall asleep while watching a DVD movie. He seldom sees more than the “Intro” before falling asleep.

Marilyn & I took advantage of the quiet time to take a short nap ourselves.

We were awake but the little ones were still sleeping when I heard a car door shut. I went to the door and had a wonderful surprise.

It was two of our long time friends, Jerry & Anita, from Quincy, Il.

We had not seen these good friends for several years and when I went outdoors, we exchanged hugs several times.

Marilyn was running a low fever and remained indoors with the grandkids while I stood outdoors visiting for awhile.

Traveling with Jerry & Anita was Jerry’s sister and brother-in-law, Bev and Bill.

I promised to give Marilyn a hug for each of our friends.

They had related stories of Marilyn’s exploits to their relatives, so those nice folks felt as if they knew us.

It was nearly 4:00 when the grandkids awoke from their nap, so we had to get the play time in pretty quickly, followed by dinner and “tubby time”.

It was a pleasure having these two wonderful grandkids today.

We love them so much and indeed, Life is Good!

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