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Well, wireless in Turkey means wireless -less- less etc. haven't written sooner because it as impossible to connect. Several attempts and several wasted hours made me just say "Later!".

For all of you that let me know the I forgot to send the picture of my new Bedouin Boyfriend, that I sadly had to leave behind at the caves of Petra, I did try attaching the photo twice. I cannot blame the wireless in Turkey, it has something to do with transferring the photo from my phone to my gmail and then trying to forward the photo. A bit anti climatic at this point. You will have to see the photo when i get home. I was sending a personal email because I could not load my photos to mytripjournal easily. It is not very compatible with Macs.

Anyway, back to Turkey!!

Highlights are a boat trip up the Bosphorus Straight to the Black Sea. Spectacular mansions that formerly belonged to the Sultan and his family until Ataturk who was the President from 1923-1938, declared that Turkey was going to be a Republic and he deported the Sultan and his family out of Turkey. He then created huge reforms which included a new alphabet that is phonetic, education classes so that all could learn the new alphabet and read. Literacy rate in the early 1920's went from 6% to over 80%. Most Turks could not read Arabic and the new alphabet supported them reading Turkish. He put into law, ladies could vote and be members of parliament, changed the day of worship from Friday to Sunday, people could only be married to one person at a time. He also repeatedly stated that it was important for women to be well educated, and his adopted daughters went on to have professing careers. Ataturk, studied the civil laws of western culture and chose the best of the ideas from France, Switzerland, Germany etc. The tour guide definitely makes him sound very forward thinking. Ataturk was a blue eyed, fair haired man. Apparently there is a small percentage of the population still today that has the same coloring. Now that I find amazing. But looking at the people on buses

or walking to work, they actually look very caucasian. Lots of dark haired good looking men and beautiful women's with the coloring of dark brown hair, but fairly light colored skin. A bit like Liv but with slightly darker hair. Feature wise they resemble the Pomeroy side of our family with small straight pointed features (nose and chin) and small ears.

That is all for now as I am invited across the hall to have a glass of wine with two women from Australia. Will write more when I get back,



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