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Harsh schedule today partly due to the flight times from NY to Ecuador and partly to limit the time in the country. Midnight flight from JFK to Guayaquil, there is security and there is rude but the FSA in JFK are just downright fucking rude, the US authorities have convinced their people that anything goes in the name of security but the treatment some people were getting (not me by the way) was simply not acceptable. AA lounge was basic and used a voucher system for some of the drinks. Finally got on the plane after having to wait for at least 15 wheelchair passengers, Helen was convinced that at least one of them wasn't going to make it which could have led to an interesting diversion on this route but all passengers made it still breathing. I passed on the in flight meal which did look good but had to get some sleep so had one glass of wine before testing out the fully-flattness of my bed, good choice of in-flight entertainment so I allowed 10,000 Maniacs to sing me to sleep

Pick-up man was waiting for Michael Lucas but I guessed we must be related so took his ride to the hotel, got a couple of hours more shut-eye before going for a late breakfast and meeting our supplier in the lobby and heading off to earn my keep with the first audit of the Trip.

If this was personal travel I would be out exploring Guayaquil now but I'm effectively confined to the hotel by company safety and security policies. To be honest though from the car trip to and from the factory and what I can see from the top of the hotel there doesn't look like there's much exploring to do.

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