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The expected storms did not arrive last night and we slept quite well.

I did awake at what has become a pretty normal time for me and climbed quietly out of bed at 5:00, choosing to let Marilyn sleep.

She has been under the weather since yesterday morning.

I checked the e-mails and messages on the computer, taking time to answer a couple of them, then straightened the living room and kitchen before taking my shower.

Marilyn was awake by that time but when I asked her how she felt, the answer was “Not Good”.

I left her in bed, did the dishes and put them away, and then put on a pot of coffee.

The aroma of fresh brewed coffee did coax her out of bed, but she remained in her recliner, dressed in her P.J.’s.

We sipped our coffee together and listened to some music. Marilyn was quiet, choosing to suffer in silence. She finally gave up and went back to bed.

I sat alone, listening to music, sometimes with my eyes closed.

Isn’t it funny how music instantly transports us to a different time or place?

Most of the music we listen to on a regular basis takes us to one of our RV destinations.

We listen to Cajun music and long to be back in Louisiana, Mariachi music takes us to Mexico or the Rio Grande Valley, while the western music takes us to the Hill Country of Texas.

We have music from Hawaii, Italy, France and Africa, which triggers pleasant memories of places special to us.

I’ll bet each of you have memories of special places tucked away in your heart, and I’ll bet that music can take you back, in your mind, to most of them.

I never had the slightest bit of musical talent but Marilyn played the piano and sang beautifully. I still love to hear her sing. Once in a while she sings as she works around the house and that always brings a smile to my face.

We had a note from Paul & Mary (aka Boris & Natasha) and it looks like they may be here in Hannibal for a couple of days.

We last saw them in Woodland Park, Colorado. We were in a restaurant and they happened to be seated at a table right next to us. Awesome! Sure hope they are able to come by for a visit.

We have only five weeks to be here in Hannibal ourselves, and then we’ll be on the way to Colorado. Our time is going fast and we still want to visit relatives in northeast Missouri before we leave.

Our time with the kids and grandkids is precious to us but somehow we have to work in to that time here, maintenance on the truck, taking things to our storage shed, retrieving other things to take with us, visits to see relatives, work at the Cave and Campground, and various other chores.

It will all happen just fine I’m sure. In any case we love to say……

Life is Good!

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