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Virgio Chico Road

Not much for a tourist to see or do in Felipe Carillo Puerto. Today we went looking for birds on the Virgia Chico road. Virgia Chico was a town on the coast. It was destroyed by a hurricane about 60 years ago but it is still on current maps. The road was once an important link from the interior of the state of Quintana Roo to the coast without having to go further north to the Cancun area. Now there is a good highway going to Cancun so this is no longer a problem. The road to Virgia Chico is still usable but in poor shape. The area is mostly uninhabited but there are a few farms and houses. We saw only one other car in the five hours we were exploring there with a guide.

Because this road is seldom used and because it gives access to the interior tropical forest, it is an excellent area for searching for birds. However, I was not too successful. I saw a Laughing Falcon, some orioles and other nice birds but found only one new species.

The new bird is one with a strange name. It is called the Rufous-browed Peppershrike. It is rufous-browed because it has a large brown eyebrow. It has a yellow front, greenish back and a grey head. Why it is called a peppershrike I have no idea as it belongs to a family of birds known as vireos. Probably because they have a hooked bill like a shrike. They eat mostly insects. I doubt very much if they have pepper on them (didn't get a photo of it).

Back at the hotel, in the middle of the town, I was very surprised to see a couple of Yellow-winged Tanagers right on the railing of our balcony.

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