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Waiting to take off in Chicago

Finally on our way to Chattanooga

Coming into land in Chattanooga

Walking round Chattanooga

Going through Georgia


Time for breakfast

Stuck on the Interstate 40

Wal De-Bugging

American Robins

American Robin in flight

Our usual friends that are everywhere



We left Chattanooga about 9.00am it’s meant to take about 3 hours to Hurricane Mills in Tennessee but took 5 hours instead. We had to stop for fuel for the RV, then for breakfast then there was an horrific accident 29 miles before we were due to turn off for the campground.We are only camped here overnight as we are on our way to Little Rock in Arkansas and it is too far to drive in one day.

It seems it is one thing after another since we have arrived in the US, on route we had a light come on the dash saying check engine so we pulled off for a while but the light went out in the end so we continued on, can only think it was because we had been stuck in traffic although all the gauges read okay. Arrived at campground to find we could not get the levellers to work properly as we were parked on a slope so decided to not put the slides out and spend 1 night in a very narrow RV. We then went to move the car to find it would not start, battery flat we had had problems in Chattanooga & it was under a 3 year warranty but they said at AutoZones it was fine, after the guy that owns the park jumped started it we had to drive a 38 mile round trip to get the battery replaced, free thank goodness.

Wal has also found all sorts of mistakes they have made at the repair shop where we spent a fortune getting the RV put right, they did not even put the oil cap back on, that is just one of the things but now find that the fresh water tank is filling up (which we don’t use as we feed of the mains) hoping where we are camping tomorrow somebody will help us sort it out.

Up at 4.30am Sunday as we are parked not far from the noisy I-40. A few photos but not seen much to photograph so far.

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