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Windmills with the blooming wildflowers

Our Cruise ship with the rest of the city

Holy Cave of the Apocolyse

Holy Cave of the Apocolyse

Scenic View of Patmos

Samos Island on the way to Patmos



Our second port of call today is Patmos, Greece. This small island is crescent-shaped, dry, and volcanic in origin. Our ship is docked in the village of Skala. It is an attractive village of whitewashed houses and buildings.

Our shore excursion is a scenic look at the island. We begin by driving up the side of a mountain to the village of Chora. We pass quaint houses, many with small vegetable gardens in their yards. On top, we take a guided walking tour through a neighborhood to a site with four windmills. These windmills once ground grain but are not operational now. The view of the island is spectacular from that vantage point.

The Romans used Patmos as a place for exiles and that is how John, the beloved Apostle, ended up here. He was ostracized from Miletus by the Roman governor for preaching the Christian faith in AD95 and stayed here for two years. John would climb to a cave to pray on a hillside between Chora and Skala. There is a crack in the cave roof where Jesus appeared to him and John dictated his vision to his disciple, Prochorus. It became the book of Revelation in the Bible. We visit the Cave of the Apocalypse. The cave entrance is marked with a mosaic portraying the visions of John. Inside the small grotto, one can see the nightly resting place of John’s head and the rock area where Prochorous wrote John’s visions.

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