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Bird with Fish

Bird with Fish

Yellow Crowned Night Heron

We made a very leisurely departure this morning, found gasoline along the way, and arrived at Sea Rim State Park in the late afternoon. It is right on the Gulf and has no provisions for RVs but we could camp either on the beach or on one of the completely unoccupied parking lots. Having experienced getting an RV stuck in the sand in Alaska some years ago, we opted for the parking lot.

Along the way we stopped at Pleasure Island, a sort of barrier island along the coast, although much of it seems man-made. We drove down one of the levee roads and Sam spotted a yellow-crowned heron not 20 feet from the roadway. He sat and posed for us for about 10 minutes, and Sam was able to get several really nice photos. The only drawback to that drive was that there were speed bumps, wicked ones, at very frequent intervals along the several miles of levee. It was not a rapid drive even as bird-watching expeditions go.

When we got here to Sea Rim, we had time to walk for about an hour, mostly along the beach, and identified a batch of gulls, sandpipers, and wading birds. It is amazingly cool, and we're camped in a parking lot about 100 yards from the beach. We're about to start the generator and watch a DVD before we collapse for the night.

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