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Last night (Saturday evening), we had no internet service. We were patient because I had posted the blog earlier, but today (Easter Sunday), we still have no internet.

I decided to go ahead and write the journal entry in MS Word and then use the Copy and Paste when the Wi-Fi is working again.

I hope you dear readers are patient with me.

We did have a fine day today. The weather was awesome!

We attended the 8:00 AM Mass here in Hannibal, where the local Priest is a friend of nearly 40 years. Fr Mike Quinn is a very special man of God and we are proud to know him.

Marilyn & I rushed home to change clothes after Mass, and then loaded stuff in the Van and drove out to Steve & Jen’s place.

The grandkids were excited and the play began immediately.

Steve took the kids out on the 4-Wheelers while Marilyn and Jennifer hid Easter Eggs all over the yard.

I observed the activity and set up the grill, small tables, etc, to begin grilling the boneless pork loin.

I seasoned the first batch with Maple & Jalapeno, the second batch with Garlic, and the final batch with a combination of all of the seasonings.

When they were nearly done I brushed the pieces with “Blues Hog” BBQ sauce.

Steve returned in time to help me do the “taste test” on each batch.

Every one of them was delicious!

I had shrimp marinated in EVOO and some Tequila-Lime seasoning. I put that on the grill once the pork loin was finished.

It too, tasted quite good.

The potatoes cooked with onion, green bean casserole, and slaw, along with deviled eggs, made the meal complete.

The grandkids enjoyed their Easter Egg hunt and were too pumped up to eat much, but they sure had a good time today.

Back at the RV in the afternoon, I was ready for a nap but had to unload the Van and put things away.

Finally Marilyn & I sat in our recliners with the Master’s on TV.

What an amazing finish on the second “Playoff” hole. It was so good that it was a shame one had to lose but Bubba Watson, the winner, is a real credit to the game. Well done!

We plan to have the grandkids here with us for the next two days.

They seem to be looking forward to the visit as much as we are.

Life is Good!

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