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I made a mistake by not getting out of Belize before the Easter weekend. Everything is shut down. Normally there are busses every 30 minutes or so. Today there are only two. The first one leaves at 11:20 a.m. That would get us into Belize City about 2:30 p.m. Too late to catch a connecting bus to Mexico. We would have to spend the night in Belize City which I don’t want to do.

Another option is to stay another night in San Ignacio. There will be more busses on Saturday. Still not as many as normal but more than today. But all the restaurants and grocery stores are closed and there would be nothing to it. It is a bad situation. Hundreds of tourists here and all the restaurants closed. Don't go to Belize on a holiday.

We ended up taking a taxi all the way from San Ignacio to the Mexican border at a cost of $165. This is not as much as it seems because the other options required another night in a Belize hotel.

Besides, the thoughts of spending eight hours on one of the old Belize school busses in this heat was depressing. (plus an hour in Belize city to change busses).

The ride in the nice air conditioned SUV was comfortable and much faster. The roads were virtually deserted so we made it to the Mexican border in four hours. Normally the roads are full of trucks, cars, busses, bicycles and who-knows-what else.

We stopped for a break a couple of times and when I got out of the air conditioned vehicle it felt like being hit with a hot blanket. My glasses fogged up. I am used to my glasses fogging up in Canada in the winter when I enter a warm house from the freezing temperatures outside. But this was the opposite. My glasses fogged up when I stepped out of the vehicle due to the heat outside.

It was kind of expensive but the other options would have cost 50% of that anyway and I am glad we did it. Two days on Belize busses would have been horrible.

We are now back at Jim and Polly’s nice house in Bacalar, Mexico. It is hot here also but not near as hot as in the jungles of Belize. Bacalar is on the shore of a large lagoon and there is a bit of a breeze. Our room has two big fans and three large windows so it is comfortable.

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