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Spring a few blocks up the street


Wisteria coming into bloom

Looking at the Chowan River

Site of Saturday PM's fish supper


Mary Ellen & I still at the table

Salmon on the grill

Amy, Jacob, & Ron, Laurie


Maddie, Trent, Katie

Jacob finding an egg

Katie getting lucky

Maddie obviously happy with her find

Mama & Ely are supervising

my bunny eared girls

Jacob & Ely have taken over the bunny ears

Thomas the train hat

Having an uneventful life is supposed to be calming and reassuring. Corky and I are like two cats on a hot tin roof. Travel became such an interesting way of life for us. Now we are searching weekly for something "fun" to keep us from mildewing-ha.

Beautiful neighborhoods surround us. I photographed a few typical Virginia spring bloomers against a stately brick home. Wistera, dogwoods, and azelas can be seen on these pictures. Seeing these, along with bright sunshine, helps to soothe and smooth our souls.

Two weeks ago the cool damp air was quickly dispelled by taking a "country" drive to Nixon Family Fish House across the Virginia/North Carolina line. Several years ago the buffet included steamed crabs, crab legs, steamed, boiled, and fried shrimp, etc. Not so much now. I likened it to a Mrs. Paul's smorgasborg! Notheless, the sweet potato fields were a healthy dark green color and river was churning as is most always the case with the Chowan river.

Our immediate family went to Durham, NC for a sping fling event. Celebrating three birthdays and Easter kept everyone laughing and overeating! Besides serving tenderloin steaks, fresh caught Alaskan salmon ,grilled to perfection ,filled our tummies. The most important part of the meal, desert, was chocolate butterfly cupcakes and New York cheesecake. Sadly, I have lost my sweet tooth(: I didn't see anyone else turning away desert! Thanks to Julia and Laurie for a mouthwatering spread.

You will be able to see from the photos, the backyard made a wonderful setting for an egg hunt. The kids loved it; showing Jacob by example what to do next. He caught on quickly. The bottom line is the adults were entertained by the kids, dog(Ely), bunny ears, and easter baskets. By evening we were all "egged" out.

Everyone's head hit the pillow and off to sawing logs we went. Refreshed and ready to go on Sunday we traveled to our little homestead in Suffolk. Today we're reading, tomorrow is activity day(we do not stay home two days in a row).

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