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While we stayed at Buckhorn RV Resort in Kerrville, they had two channels of the cable TV which gave information about things going on, local businesses, etc.

The audio part of those channels was instrumental western music, like the Sons-of-the-Pioneers used to sing.

It was beautiful, peaceful music and I asked where we could get it.

The nice folks in the office gave me the name of it and I ordered it on-line.

We love that CD and listened to it this morning, with the fireplace and a fresh pot of coffee.

That is a fine way to begin the day!

Once the day began for us we were really busy. Marilyn did the dishes while I cleaned the bedroom and made the bed.

Soon Marilyn was headed in to town for a wee bit of shopping and to get her hair cut.

Before she left though, I had to jumper the car to get it started for her. It needs to be driven!

I went out to dump the holding tanks, then rinsed the black water tank. With that little chore done, I set the lawn furniture up, put out the awning and made the patio look nice.

I then washed bugs from the front of the RV, and while I was at it, I went ahead and washed the truck.

By that time, Marilyn was back.

She colored her hair and heated the left over soup that I made yesterday.

We ate a late lunch and then finished up a few more chores.

Both of us wanted to get things finished up enough to allow us to watch the Master’s golf tourney this afternoon.

Our friend Jeff stopped by to visit for a minute. He was going mushroom hunting and I was really tempted to go along. There is no one better at finding mushrooms than Jeff! I used to say that while I go mushroom hunting, Jeff goes mushroom picking!

After Jeff left I took a shower and dressed in clean, comfy clothes, then joined Marilyn to watch golf.

It began to rain and we hoped our friend Jeff wasn’t getting too wet.

Marilyn made some Rice Krispy Squares for the grandkids.

We’ll take those out to them tomorrow, along with some other Easter stuff.

I’ll write about all that tomorrow also.

For today we will just relax for the rest of the evening.

Life is Good!

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