Escape from Winter - 2012 travel blog

It was so cold in our parking lot campground we had to run the furnace and there was so much frost on the windshield we couldn't see to drive. If we had an ice scraper along, we couldn't find it buried under the bikes, golf bags, tennis racquets and lawn chairs.

The morning at the repair facility started well. We passed the 160 point check with flying colors and all fluids and filters were replaced well before lunch time. Then they tackled the A/C problem. The simple fixes were tried first and didn't do it. So a replacement condenser is needed. Of course this has to be ordered. In the process of working on the A/C the tech noticed a small pool of diesel below the motor home and guessed that we had a leak in the fuel tank. This suddenly complicated things considerably. Was the motor home safe to drive home? Should we empty out what we could into the car and leave it there? Could we cross our fingers, drive home and drive back again and avoid turning into a fire ball on the highway?

When all was said and done we still are not sure we have a leak in the fuel tank. Perhaps it came from the overflow when the high pressure fuel pump over jetted when we filled up in Tennessee. Long story short we made it home just fine and will check beneath the motor home tomorrow to see if there is a leak and if so, how much is coming out. We have an appointment to bring it back on Wednesday to fix the A/C and the fuel tank if that's necessary.

It's early spring at home and blooms and blossoms are every where. The grass is a brilliant green and everything in the house looks good and seems to be working fine. After living for months in the motor home the house feels huge.

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