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When I retired I expected to never again face a requirement to get up at 4:00 AM.


Our daughter and our Son-in-Law both had to be somewhere early this morning, so Marilyn & I made sure the alarm clock was set for 4:00 AM.

That would allow us to make the 30 minute trip to the kids’ house and be there by 5:00.

As usual for me, I awoke before the alarm was to go off.

A peek at the clock showed 3:15 so I turned it off and climbed out of bed.

I shaved, dressed and turned the coffee on. The sound of the bean grinder roused Marilyn enough for her to join me in the living room.

The sound of rain on the roof was soothing and we could easily have gone back to sleep if we weren’t sipping coffee together.

We drove in the rain and darkness, parked the diesel far enough away from the house to not waken the grandkids (It is a noisy truck), and wished Steve a good day as he left for work.

We cautioned Jennifer to be careful driving and gave her a big hug as she left also.

Marilyn & I relaxed while the grandkids slept that peaceful slumber known only to the totally innocent.

Colby awoke first and smiled the biggest grin when he saw us in the living room. He settled down on the sofa and watched TV, asking us to play several recorded shows he likes.

Before long, Lauren joined us and the four of us spent a bit more quiet time before breakfast.

After breakfast we played, setting up a “tent” made by draping a blanket over the backs of chairs.

We also read some books and played some games. Before we knew it, it was lunch time, then nap time.

Marilyn & I relaxed and waited for the first round of the Master’s Golf Tourney to come on TV.

I have a ton of things to do back at the Campground. Not the least of which is to check out the reason our car would not start. It has no battery power at all, even though I installed a brand new battery before we left for the winter.

I only had time to try it and no time to check the problem. Perhaps today when we get back.

All in all, this has been a fine day with lots of fun, spending time with the grandkids.

Life is Good!

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