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We didn’t even put the clock out yesterday evening. I wanted to sleep as long as I could after that long day of travel yesterday.

That effort failed as we were awake early, even with no clock to look at.

We had everything ready to go and pulled out of the RV Park right at 7:30 AM.

The travel was easy with only one or two scary moments along the way.

One scary thing happened as we drove along on I-44 between Springfield and Lebanon, Missouri.

A Semi-truck was parked on the shoulder on the right hand side. He had all of his lights on and appeared to be moving slowly forward.

I was in the right hand lane with traffic on my left side as well as behind me.

Suddenly the truck began to pull out onto the Interstate right in front of me. I don’t know what he was thinking but he continued out and I pulled over to the left just enough to miss him, while the car beside me also moved over onto the shoulder on the left hand side.

In a second or two, we were all back to normal, but shaking our heads at the truck driver.

The other incident was a car who pulled out to pass us just after I had begun to move left to pass a slow moving vehicle in front of us.

I quickly moved back into the right hand lane and the driver of the car pulled in front of us within a foot or so of the front of our truck.

Less than six hours after leaving Carthage, Missouri, we pulled into the Mark Twain Cave complex.

We greeted our friends by exchanging hugs.

Gretchen told me that I was already on the work schedule to begin giving tours. OK! I am ready to go!

We had mail waiting for us and were soon moving to the back of the campground and were set up shortly after that.

Marilyn had our little land yacht looking like home again by the time I finished outdoors.

We are connected to the new digital, super fast, internet service and have all of the basic networks coming in crystal clear on our HD TV, using only the antenna. No cable service here.

Now we want to get cleaned up, then go to the hospital to meet our daughter as she gets off work.

It is good to be “home” again!

For sure, Life is Good!

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