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Wow, this is Milano central Stazione ... Way different then my arrival...

Another view! Wish I could capture how massive, organized and clean it...

The train line I was in before...I looked to mi sinistra (left)!!!

Fast ticket kiosk!! Oh, soooo proud!

After cruising the streets and found Hotel Johnson, this is the entrance...

View from the other side!

Close up from the photo "view from the other side"

Roman remains discovered in 1974.... Of course their remains were WAY before...

Another walk to the end of time!!! What time is it, anyway......

! Cheers ! Had to get a pic !! Hi perry and...

Do they really mate for life?? Dove e mi swan????

Hey, I am sailing solo !!!

What the "duck" you talkin about???

See ya!

My humble abode for ??? Nights ;)


Caio! Arreverdeci! buona sera! see ya! Love ya!!!!

Well my first uneventful....very eventful day!! I didn't sleep well, due to my horrible haircut, apprehensive about the underground metro with my bags, getting to the right train.... Blah, blah, and their sister blah!!! After reminding myself of this stress free trip of a lifetime, where time has no value, I put on my eye shades and fell asleep! Had my last double espresso with my friends at the Hotel Rio and headed to the Metro! All was perfect, made it to the Central Milano Stazione without a hitch! Stood in the biglietti line for about 15 minutes when I looked "sinistra" (left) and noticed "do it yourself tickets".... Ummm, asked an Asian lady to watch my bags for a moment and checked to see if I could figure it out! (way too many people in a secured area for her to run off with my laundry!).....yeah! Found my destination, train, and paid for it at the self serve biglietti kiosk! So proud of myself, that I went and bought my Italian phone....was going to wait until I got out of Milan but had the time, the man was helpful, and the money was a matter of a few bucks. Boarded the train... No need to validate when you have a seat assignment (advantage of biglietti self serve :)...boarded luggage and found seat with the help of a beggar.... Realized it after he helped me.... Then put his fingers together to his mouth...feed señora, señora only .20 ?. euro.....! Damnit get off the train, out of my space... Here is 1 euro! It really was worth the dime, And hope he didn't spend it on a beer! Let my "what I thought was English speaking train mate" know was that I was going to Peschiera Del Garda ... He say " first stop!"....I am thinking this high speed train (similar to my high speed boat yesterday???) was going to take several hours ... The only time table is departure/arrival...not the mini stops in between ( like my destination.... Between Milan and Verona ). Well,I am online looking for hotels, etc in peschiera, have ear buds on and music blaring, just opened a water and peeled a banana.... LIVING LARGE!!!.... Madam, this is your stop! I yelled "peschiera ?".... Si! Oh sh$$, throw my banana peel on the floor, ear buds and iPod / iPad in backpack, retrieve luggage between two seats and jump off the train. I look around and question "

is this peschiera ? NO, it is Brescia!!!! OMG! Doors start to close, the man stops them, throws one of my pieces in, I have the other two, jump in and barely make it! OK, I will spare the miscommunication once again on the the train......and directions I got from another "train mate"..... I made it! Walked the streets for about 30 min with luggage in tow and found one of the hotels I saw online! Actually it is between the centro and the supermercado!!! Woohoo! I checked in....40 euro a night with free wifi (in the flipping lobby where I am currently sitting... Italian version of The Price is Right is on:)...and breakfast included! Nice, clean, safe, and centrally located! I am on a roll! I hit the streets for some great photos.... Will rent a bicycle ( vespa, or Harley) :) to ride up the coast to Bardolino, Garda, etc.. Tomorrow! Again, google the area! Very cool! Prayers it doesn't rain!!! Rick and steve seem to be the most likely candidates in getting calls from Tango, skype, and messaging from Whatsapp? Poor thing rick just took a tour of my hotel, waiters, etc! Good night all! It has been another awesome, fantastic, blessed day! Good night! Note: this damn journal takes about 3-4 hours with individual photos.....had time to check my bill....ALMOST got ripped off for 3 5 and learning! Xxxoo

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