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We have arrived at Mitchells Resort & RV Park in Perrin, Texas.

This is a really nice place but the Wi Fi has been terrible. It shows all of the bars on signal strength but we still get bumped off the internet and things are at a snails pace even when we are on line.

I tried to get on line to correct an error in yesterday’s blog.

I wrote that Mike & Sandy visited us. The truth is that Mike & Sandy are visiting us this evening. It was Mike & Leslie who spent some quality time with us night before last.

Today we left Buckhorn Resort right at 8:00 AM, and arrived at Mitchell’s RV Resort right at 1:00 PM.

We were set up in 30 minutes.

Bob & I walked back up to the office to check on a place to fuel the trucks.

Only three miles away, in Perrin, there is a nice station, we were told.


We took off in our trucks and found the station right where we were told. I noticed two diesel pumps so I pulled around to the far side, in order to allow Bob easy access to the nearest pump.

I noticed that Bob pulled up to the same pump I was using, and he told me that the other pump had a bag over the fuel nozzle.

We noticed several other pumps which were the same way.

Bob waited patiently for me to finish fueling, then when I went in to pay, he was ready to fill his truck.

However, the pump would not turn on. The young lady inside tried to reset it several times but had no luck.

Bob finally decided to drive on down the road some 5 to 8 miles, to another place to fill up. Bummer!!!

Other than that, we had a good trip today, as we drove along on a highway lined with a multitude of wildflowers for the first 100 miles or so.

The temperature reached to nearly 90 today so the first thing Marilyn did when we were all set up, was turn on the A/C.

We waited for our friends, Mike & Sandy (I got it right this time) who will arrive about 5:00.

I am posting this early, while the internet is working.

Life is Good!

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