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BUSH CAMP san Gregorio

sunrise at the ferry terminal

waitingbfor ferry

terr del fuego

sunrise overbthe Magellan Straight

from the ferry

post office at the end of the world


signpost to everywhere sydney 9500km

near Ushuaia

in Ushuaia

di g

4with some furry friends

national park terra del feugo

lookig out from the end of thevworld


end of the world postbox

end view from thebpan american jighway

Beagle Channel

cormorants and sea lions

sea lion colony

moulting penguin about to migrate nortj

Beagle Channel

Penguin colony








WOW I've made it to the bottom and I love it. Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world latitude 54.7, Adelaide in comparison is 34.5 and Hobart 42 so it really is a long way down. You may have guessed that I am in a Hostel here and have not only Internet connection but also the time to write. Out hostel is high on a hill so the walk into town is quite steep and takes around 30 - 40 minutes depending how fast you walk but the walk back is quite a bit longer and today I went the long way so took about 1.5 hours to get back good for fitness having said that after dinner last night I got a taxi up the hill. Spent the morning wandering around town very touristy and lots of camping and hiking shops. Di and I bought fluffy matching hats probably not the coolest look but warm. Went to a flash place for dinner and had the best trout and salmon ever even got a few veggies with them which is most amazing. Today went on a cruise around the Beagle Channel to see sea lions and penguins although many of the penguins have already migrated north. It was nice on the boat but bloody cold outside . We went to the local National Park and at the end of the road literally there is a post office where you can get your passport stamped and send post cards pretty cool. I sent a few home, the man who runs the post office has been there forever and his photo is on the sticker he puts into your passport. But this place is mainly about the scenery which is so good. Set in a bay with snow capped mountains all around and brightly coloured houses of all different styles a the only planning laws relate to being tremor proof but you can use any building material you like. Tomorrow we head north which may suggest that it will get warmer but we still have the Bolivian plateau to pass here we are at sea level so quite mild but we will be heading up in more ways than one.

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