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Our final Garner sunrise

From the Frio River behind our site


Out the camper window


In the gator, on my way to watch the sunrise from the...

Getting pics as I drive by, for some reason they seem unafraid...


Cindy in a sea of purple that seems to grow daily

New cactus in the morning


Squirrel "interstates"




Give her a few decades, and mother nature can crush cans too....





It's a rock... with eyes?????

Oh, it's a jack rabbit transformer.

I pay the price for driving back from Uvalde after dark in...

The final day at Garner, the turkeys finally came out of hiding... and I caught the morning sunrise from the overlook in "old Garner", on top of the hill. Also a couple from the river behind our campsite. We had a frantic final two days, as lot's of park employees and volunteers wanted to visit with us before we left. We hadn't planned for that, and left an hour or two later than we planned this morning... but it was worth it. A quick breakfast, a check of the email & weather, and we're on our way to Lake Amistad near Del Rio. We'll stay in touch.

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