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After a great night of sleep, I was awake early. I sat with the computer reading e-mails and checking the blogs of friends, until Marilyn peeked downstairs and asked if I was ready for coffee.

Once the coffee was gone I cleaned and straightened the bedroom, made the bed, cleaned up, shaved and dressed for the day.

While Marilyn got herself together I took a walk around the resort, then returned to go for another walk, this time with Marilyn.

Back at the RV we were relaxing when Bob knocked on the door bearing a container of sweet rolls, donuts, etc.

Thank you, Bob!

We visited with friends, Mike & Leslie, who spent the winter here. We spent a summer with these nice folks in Colorado a few years ago.

Our plan for today was to meet our friends, Jim & Ellie, at Bill’s BBQ.

Bob & Janet picked us up and we rode into town to Bill’s BBQ, to meet Jim & Ellie.

As we drove up to the BBQ place we saw Jim & Ellie walking in from their car.

Within a minute or so we were exchanging hugs and greetings with these good friends, then introduced these friends to our other friends. Now everyone is friends! LOL

Marilyn took her camera but we were so busy visiting that she forgot to take any pictures.

We went through a line, collecting a tray, silver ware, and an order of one, two or three meats, ( I ordered the brisket and the baby back ribs), two or three side dishes, choosing from slaw, potato salad or cowboy beans. Bread and iced tea, (sweetened or unsweetened), finished off the order.

Man was that BBQ ever good! The ribs just fell cleanly from the bone. The brisket was perfect, smoky, lean and moist. It was all Yummy!

The conversation and laughter were constant as we chatted and ate our way through the next hour or so, talking about places we have been and places we are going.

We had a good time and were all sorry when our time together come to an end.

We parted with the customary hugs and wishes for safe travel.

Back at the RV we relaxed, perhaps to take a short nap and enjoy the comfort of a full tummy and a comfortable recliner.

Bob walked down and invited us to their site for a cold drink.

We had a nice time talking about various subjects from cruises to food recipes.

Now it is time for some TV and a good night of sleep.

Life is Good!

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