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We had a road trip planned for today but first we had to take care of that blown tire issue.

One of the tires on our RV suffered a blowout last Friday while we were on the way to Von Ormy, Texas, near San Antonio.

I called DRV which builds the Mobile Suites RV, shortly after their business hours began this morning, and spoke to Greg Weldon.

He suggested that we take the tire to a Michelin dealer to have him take a look at it, in order to determine the cause of the blowout.

Bob had seen an ad for a Michelin dealer in one of the brochures we got when we checked in here at Buckhorn.

Bob came over to help me get the flat tire down from the spare tire storage space, and we hauled it off to the Michelin dealer, A & A Tire Service, here in Kerrville.

They helped me right away and stayed right with it until we had approval for a new tire to be delivered and mounted on the wheel.

We are supposed to get it on Wednesday.

That was great service! I promise to let you know the final outcome of this issue.

We were about an hour late getting started on our road trip but everyone was ready to go and we knew we were in for a fun day.

We drove to Fredericksburg, found a good parking space on the main street and headed off to “Rustlin Rob’s” where we “grazed”

Through the store sampling all sorts of sauces, spices, dips, butters like apple, peanut, and many others, jams, pie fillings, pasta sauces, salsas, pies in a jar, and many other items.

We didn’t need any lunch but the German food tempted us and we soon found ourselves at a microbrewery for lunch.

We ate sandwiches, salads, German potato salad, and washed it down with iced tea.

We strolled back down the street to the truck and drove north toward the town of Llano, Texas.

We searched for a turnoff toward Willow Creek and then followed a 13 mile loop through private property, that has some of the most scenic views to be found anywhere.

Janet and Marilyn were certainly in their happy place as the abundance of beautiful wildflowers decorated the scenery and filled the air with an intoxicating aroma.

We must have stopped 50 times to allow our brides to take pictures and I have more pictures than I dare post. It will be difficult to choose which ones to share with you.

On the way back, the ladies wanted to make one more stop and that was at the “Wild Seed” about 7 miles east of Fredericksburg.

More pictures and a few purchases, and then we were on the way back to the resort.

It has been a fun day with friends and we can say with confidence and only a hint of reservation, that Life is Good!

P.S. Internet problems. Will upload pictures ASAP

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