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Our 1st views of France are bleek

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Shopping the French way

It can be hard to choose

Tuesday 13th March and Wednesday.

Tuesday I'm feeling a little better but still not flash.  Today we have another rest day.  The weather is getting warmer and the lunches, with a glass or two of wine take longer as do the evening meals.  We have started walking on a regular basis, been shopping, got the travel card issues sorted out etc

Wednesday 14th March

This morning while Kev is off studying French, Yvonne and I stroll along the canal  taking in the flora and fauna.  We stop at the restaurant (Noelle) and have a cup of coffee, before heading off to the Batiment.  Kev's very special friend, Nadine had lunch with us today.  She is a lovely person.  Yvonne and I head off to see if we can access the free wifi at McDonalds.  Yeh! success from inside.

After lunch, Yvonne and I leave Kev and Nadine and take a stroll around the park.

Tonight we are off to the local vietnamese restaurant.  This is a buffet and again we eat too much.  My health is improving with every passing day.

Thursday 15th March

Today is wash day and Yvonne tries to post some pictures on to the MyTripJournal.

Friday, 16 March. 

After Skyping with Rodney, Michelle & Ellesa & Xavier (it was so good to say hello, face to face.   Kev took us sightseeing in Toulouse today.  We organized some train travel at the SNCF station (about 1.5hrs, the teller was most helpful but was unable to book travel trough Germany)  before heading off for lunch.  We selected n Indian restaurant that Kev had been to before and spent a great deal of time eating and drinking the lunch away.  Nardine met us at Jean Juarse train station and we starting sightseeing with the City Square,  then off to the beautiful historic town hall.  Yvonne continues to mention the fact that a lot of marriages take place in the halls of this ancient building.  On the way, Nardine and Yvonne shopped till they dropped.  Yvonne needed a hat to hold her wonderful hair in place.  After a drink in the city square brassierre, Nardine left and we went home for a rest before our evening outing.

Friday evening we went to Kev and friends regular gathering (Oxford pub, English bar) for a few drinks. Alexandra, Eurvie (male), Veronica plus boyfriend, Kev, Yvonne and I had a couple of drinks and talked until about 10pm when we all decided to go home.  It had been a long day and an even busier day tomorrow so we headed back to Kev's for some shuteye.

Saturday 17/4/2012. 

We were very pleased to be able to skype with Kezz this morning and catch up on home news before we drove to Carcossonne to see the largest medieval castle in Europe.  It was most impressive (more adjectives etc needed).  The castle was much larger than I had anticipated.  The interior has been changed into a tourist meca with shops and resturants and hotels abundant.  The castle is on the outskirts and overlooking the township taking in the magnificent views of the countryside.  We ate at the restaurant Adelaide where Yvonne and Kev enjoyed a 3 course set menu which included the local Carcossonne dish of duck, pork and beans and I had the salmon salad with a large portion of porifferoles for desserts.  Everyone was jealous and shared it with me.  Yvonne found the local wine very agreeable as did Kev and myself.

Kev and Yvonne lounged about in the car while I drive the 1 hour distance home.  His Mazda 2 easily accommodated the speed allowed of 130km/p/h.

Alexandra dropped over in the afternoon to have tea.

Sunday 18th March

Caught bus and train from Kev's to SNCF in Toulouse to change booking from Lyon to Geneva to Lyon to Paris (CDG-airport) for the 3/4/2012.  Booked travel from CDG to Vienna for 4/4/2012 by plane A320, AirBerlin. Should arrive in Vienna approx 1100 to join Roz and Lester for our Austrian / Cheq Republic adventure....  will pack for early train tomorrow as we are off to Barcelona.

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