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Bananas are bagged to avoid bugs and marks

Our bus stopped in a small village

I sampled banana ketchup - tasty! $4/bottle here

Sulphur Springs, world's only drive-in volcano

traditional native huts on a sugar or coconut plantation

inside one of the huts

the cocoa bean from which they get chocolate

the cocoa beans in a sweet milky goo that is removed from...

an enthusiastic local

They make and sell several fruit liquers on the island

Cashews grow one nut per pod

Capital city of Castris with the Pitons in the background

typical street on St. Lucia

town of Anse la Raye

rather typical houses

an upscale home on this island

St. Lucia (Loo-sha)

*one of the lushest of the Caribbean islands, with thick tropical rain forests and mountainous terrain (but not quite as rugged as St. Vincent.)

*its main landmark are the two volcanic rock pyramids called the Pitons (about 2,500 ft.)

*rule changed 14 times between France and Britain before England won it in 1814!

*1942 – a German U-boat sank 2 British ships in the capital city (Castries) harbor

*1979 – won its independence from England

*seems more French – its patois, Creole cuisine and names of places

*also NOT named by Columbus (outside his routes during his 4 visits to the New World)

*70% of the island's economy depends upon exporting bananas; agriculture is the mainstay

*has the only “drive-in” volcano in the world; last erupted in 1766.

On our 6 ¼ hr. tour: we saw:

*some of Castries (busy; run-down streets) before going uphill to a viewpoint above the city

*our driver did an amazing job on the steep, narrow winding mountainous roads with dozens of “hairpin bends”!

*At our restroom stop in the quaint fishing village of Anse la Raye, a fellow insisted on leading us to the restrooms and then hung around Ivan until Ivan gave up and tipped him $1

*Another guy asked if we wanted our picture taken with a boa constrictor. Bet you can guess my answer to that!

*The oldest town of Soufriere (1746) was badly damaged from a 2010 hurricane. Pretty setting for the town, nestled below Gros Piton and Petit Piton.

*Had a short tour of Sulphur Springs – the name for the stinky drive-in/walk-in volcanic area. After having been to Yellowstone this wasn't much at all but – it's all they've got!

*Morne Coubaril Estate – my favorite stop.

A guide pointed out flowers and trees; showed how the cocoa bean becomes chocolate; shared a sample of coconut water and meat, and freshly squeezed sugarcane juice (very

sweet), and then we had a snack of small sandwiches and some rum punch (yuck!)

a photo stop at an overlook of beautiful Marigot Bay where I tasted banana relish (now that was tasty!) Learned the old movie with Rex Harrison in Dr. Doolittle was filmed here.

Today was a long and good day but we were very weary from the long drive. A wonder some of the folks didn't get seasick from the bus ride as it was constantly rocking back and forth around the curves!

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