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St. VIncent is a beautiful, rugged island with lots of ridges &...

Lots of fruit & veggie vendors along the city streets

Government House on the steep drive up into the mountains

A typical country scene with homes on 'stilts'

Part of the beautiful St. Vincent Botanical Gardens

A colorful endangered island bird, the St. Vincent parrot

Lots of flowering trees and bushes: the Jacarunda

The yellow Poue

Ginger Lilies are stunning and prolific on all the islands

The actual flower on this ginger is that little white part!

The gorgeous Torch Ginger

Antheriums come in white, pink and red

*one of our favorite islands

*a volcanic island (La Soufriere last erupted in 1979)

*the largest in the chain of 32 islands and cays

*made up of steep mountain ridges and lush valleys; the most rugged island we've seen!

*very British; gained independence in 1979

*named by Columbus in 1493 (he sure got around!)

*movie Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp was filmed here

*the 'Vincys' are a very friendly people

*capital city is Kingstown, home of the first botanical gardens in the Western Hemisphere, (1762)

*Endemic endangered national bird – St. Vincent parrot (Amazona guildingi) has beautiful

multi-colored plumage; only about 500 remaining

Our tour:

St. Vincent Botanical Gardens
– 20 acres neatly landscaped with lots of flowering bushes/trees.

Montreal Gardens
– privately built and run; at 3000 ft. elevation; 7 ½ acres of very lush and abundant plants and trees! Lots of up and down cement paths and steps but worth the effort. (Wish we'd had more time here to photograph more blossoms!)

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