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I’m glad that I didn’t use any “piggy” words when talking about my GPS yesterday.

I did bring it inside to program it for the hospital we were visiting today. Then I set it close by so that it could see as I searched the internet looking for a replacement GPS.

I think it took the hint because it performed flawlessly and took us directly to the Brooks Army Medical Center where we went up to the sixth floor to meet Sherry and see how Rick is doing.

Sherry looked very tired which is to be expected. She has spent a lot of time at the hospital with Rick. The fatigue and the stress would take a toll on anyone.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with these two good friends.

Deb and Ken, two of Sherry’s kids, came in and greeted us with hugs. We enjoyed a nice visit with them and then we went out for lunch at “Applebees” where the visiting continued.

Sherry rode with us and we followed Deb and Ken.

We missed Brian, Deb’s husband, who is also one of those special young people we are proud to know.

Sherry felt that she should get back to be with Rick, so we all headed back. This time Sherry rode with Deb & Ken.

We said goodbye with hugs, but it was sad to part company with people who mean a lot, knowing that they have so much pain in their lives.

Please keep Rick & Sherry in your prayers.

We were surprised when we arrived back at the RV Ranch, to see that Bob & Janet had not yet returned. We are glad to see them having a good time, though.

Tomorrow we leave and head up to Kerrville.

It will be good to set up and stay put for a few days.

Friends of ours are already in the area and it will be nice to introduce Bob & Janet to Jim & Ellie and to Mike & Leslie.

Thinking of our friends Rick & Sherry causes me to ponder the thought that sometimes it is hard to see, but we will continue to believe that…….Life is Good!

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