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Cape Ann was our second and last stop in MASS. Another phenomenal location; our camp site faced the salt marsh that emptied into the Atlantic Ocean, less than a mile away. Each morning when Greg opened the curtains at the front windshield this was the view. We’ve always appreciated the beauty of Mother Nature; but, after so many lifetime experiences and being immersed in the terrain of the area; we have now developed a greater sensitivity to the beauty that surrounds us. I believe that retirement’s slower pace and our focus on beauty (vs. a daily to-do list) has resulted in our being more receptive to the natural majesties where we find ourselves.

We were able to share 3 days with special Baltimore friends, the Leitzers. We were in Gloucester and they were in Rockport, only a few miles apart. Our first day was a road trip to enjoy fall colors and food—a GREAT day for catching up as we all now enjoy the benefits of retirement from education . Our second day was in Rockport. We started the day with a superb brunch at the Red Skiff, right on the harbor. We knew the food would be scrumptious before we ever ordered, two Coast Guardsmen walked in to order breakfast. We were right! The food was delicious and the portions were supersized (think muffins the size of a salad plate split in half and grilled). Rockport is such a great seaport town with lots of tiny buildings on the harbor, narrow streets, historic buildings, harbor views we’ve all seen in calendars and winds right off the ocean. Our second day we spent the morning on a boulder covered beach adjacent to an abandoned granite quarry. We were able to walk and crawl across the boulders as we enjoyed the sounds of crashing waves with the sun’s rays keeping us warm even though there were ocean breezes. We saw only a few other people enjoying the walk to the vast boulder strewn beach. We could only see one house, boats in the distance, boats near the shore checking lobster pots, birds riding the winds so we sensed that the beach was there just for us to enjoy. Afterwards we decided where to go for lunch! We all were all in agreement after our great morning; we headed back to the Red Skiff—once again we were delighted with our supersized servings and we all left with smiles on our faces. Then on to the Cape Ann Museum where we saw magnificent sea paintings and a diorama of the Rockport Seaport in its heyday with the fishing and boat building businesses the focus of the harbor. Our time together came to an end too quickly even though we maximized our time together. Each day we shared no less than 2 meals together brunch/lunch on the town and then evening meals created by the four of us. We each contributed to the menus, so each meal was a feast among friends. Then afterward our meal and dessert we had the time to share the day’s highlights, share our memories and plan for our next day’s adventures. It was difficult to bring the joint adventures to an end—but retirement keeps calling. Win and Angie headed to Cape Cod and three days later we headed south via Mystic Seaport, CT.

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