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Niagara Falls was breathtaking. Truly one of the 7 wonders of the world. We learned some of the history of the area; especially, regarding the battles that took place as the British, French, Native Americans and early Americans battled to own it since it was such a phenomenal power source. EVERYONE SHOULD SPEND AT LEAST A FEW HOURS VISITING THIS MOST MAGNIFICENT CREATION BY MOTHER NATURE. After spending hours scouring the NY Visitor Information publication, I finally found 1 state site for Native Americans. It was our first time to see a Long House. We were shocked to learn that this is the ONLY STATE NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORIC SITE—all other sites are either local/county museums or on reservations. We were SHOCKED! Moreover, very disappointed! HOWEVER, after much research, I have found 5 or 6 other museums that focus on Native Americans—we will be spending more time in NY next year.

While in western NY, we also visited a museum in Lockport (one of the many small town museums along the canal) for the Erie Canal. It actually goes across the entire width of NY. It was such a success that it appears that it is truly one of the most significant contributing factors that resulted in NY being such a commercial hub. We crossed it numerous times in our travels and realize that the Erie Canal is such a “common” part of the locals’ lives. The canal is now used for recreational boating, commercial use in a few areas, historical sites, site for festivals and fairs, walking—biking—hiking—jogging trails, etc.

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