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The Mississippi River was a major thoroughfare for goods, trade & people

But these letters show it wasn't very safe during the Civil War

To help make the passage along the river safer

But even the gunboats weren't safe

Another letter

The U.S.S. Louisville

The Mississippi River and Lake Chicot

Cypress trees and knees

Oxbow Lakes

How an oxbow lake is formed

Lake Chicot

More about the Mississippi River

The Batture

Batture Info



More flyways


Robert E Lee

Picture of Robert E Lee

The end of an era

Modern shipping along the river

The Indians have to move




The Lake Chicot had some really interesting exhibits so I figured I'd try to get them together here for a visual story of the river and its role in the Civil War, the Indians who used to live here, and the making of an oxbow river which is what Lake Chicot really is.

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