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A glance at the clock showed 2:20 AM.

I stayed quiet, not moving, hoping that I could go back to sleep.

Alas, my brain kicked in to gear and I began thinking about things I want to do. Projects big and small occupied my mind and there was no going back to sleep at that point.

Beside that, the age factor reminded me of the reality we are all familiar with, the adage that if you wake up during the night you will have to get up to go pee.


I did go back to bed and tried to go back to sleep. I avoided looking at the clock for some time but finally glanced over just in time to see the clock hit 4:00 AM.

I turned on my laptop and quickly noticed that we had no internet access.


I used the quiet time to make notes for a project I have been thinking about and would switch to playing a game of hearts once in a while.

Marilyn joined me and put coffee on, so we were sipping our coffee as the morning dawned.

Marilyn cleaned the RV and did laundry. I made the bed and helper her by drying the dishes for her.

I took out the trash and noticed how cool it had become as a cold front moved through.

The wind which blew hard all night, rocking the RV, diminished this morning.

Marilyn & I took a walk to check our mail. Finding no mail we returned to the RV where Marilyn defrosted the freezer.

I took advantage of the cooler temperatures and went back outdoors to air up the tires and air ride system on the truck and the RV.

By the time I finished, the sun was shining brightly and the humidity was climbing along with the temperature.

Marilyn fixed tomato bisque soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for our lunch.

Then it was time to relax.

She went outdoors to read in the comfort of her lounge chair, while I chose to read and snooze in my recliner.

Around 4:00 Bob & Janet walked over and we all sat outdoors with a cold drink, talking about our future travels.

We have most of our preparations to travel finished and have one more trip to Mexico with friends before we leave here.

Mike & Marian, with Chuck & Coletta will meet us at the border tomorrow and we will have a day of fun together.

Life is Good!

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