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Today's litter pick up paid for by... Starburst candies!






I wonder if she said yes

A 30ft X 1in "highway"... ending at a collection of cut plants?

Who are these busy little farmers?

Leaf-cutter ants, farming cut vegetation to harvest the fungus that grows on...


Go ahead... have a seat!

Different camping area... same lesson... a fool and his food are soon...


First time i've seen one of these in the wild... still haven't...

Dr. Seuss' inspiration for the seed that the "Whos" lived on?


A Bluebird, hard to get a picture of, because they don't sit...

Debi, a friend Cindy met in her past life at Morrison, paid...

One day, squirrel... one day.

This black bear look-a-like is a "Newfounland". His back was level with...

I've got my eye on you!

A wild turkey wanders into the campground. We've heard them occasionally, finally...

Two cool cats, watching the world go by.

No cat is an island...








Why does this remind me my old jobs?

Nice eyesight... spotted some dog food from a couple hundred feet.

So that's where all the old pits go!





Old bathroom fittings.

Tires and mattresses


Old school metal trash cans... about 30lbs each!

Old gas pumps

The toilet graveyard... looks like a lot of "Ranger stress relief" going...

Spring Break is over, and the crowds of families, and partying teens returned home to wash clothes for school, and work Saturday. Once more we could see through the trees, to the opposite end of the campground... once more, things were peaceful. This means we can count on clean restrooms, without mud and dirty toilet paper on the floor... HOORAAAAAAAY!

The first order of business... crank up the "gator", grab our trash bags, and return the campgrounds to their natural state. (But not until I drive around, and collect all the firewood people left behind! MUHUHA HA HAAAAAAAA!) I found enough to fill up the back of the Gator... about $30 worth. Thanks campers.

Picking up trash is alot like a treasure hunt sometimes, especially for a photographer with a camera in his pocket. We made our way, aimlessly, from one piece of litter to the next... like following a trail laid down by a combination of careless campers, fate, and the wind. Throughout the day we stumble on things like unopened candy, money, campfire hot-dog forks, (we'd been meaning to buy some), charcoal, lighter fluid, and natural treasures as well. A field of butterflies, a "highway" of ants carrying leaves 10x their size, a squirrel hitting the jackpot at an unattended pile of food, or the occasional brightly colored bird singing over my head. Every 10 minutes it seemed I was tossing my gloves to chase some "perfect shot"... a butterfly fluttering across a breezy field, (SIT STILL, ALREADY!) a new flower in perfect lighting, or some new angle on the river we haven't yet seen. I can only imagine what an idiot I look like walking through field, camera neck-high, walking after what appears to be nothing, from a distance.

I'm including some pics in this entry, that I was hesitant to add to the already huge number of images I uploaded last week. (Yes, if you can believe it, I left alot out of that pile). During our hike in the hills, we discovered an old dump where the state dumps unwanted fixtures and hardware. We found it a little ironic that an organization in charge of preserving public lands, would dump on them... but, whatever. Most of the stuff is so old, the present management may not be aware of it. One thing's for sure, there's a lot of money sitting there for a trip to the metal recycler. The area's not on any park map... we were walking a trail, and an old bar-b-que pit caught my eye. One thing led to another and BA-DA-BING, there it was... the iron graveyard.

The weather was nice on Sunday, and I thought of a great way to let Breezy run around freely without her carrier. Sort of. I took her out to one of the many boulders in the river surrounded by water... and released her. What's she gonna do, SWIM FOR IT? LOL.

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