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There was ice on the water behind our campground

Busy River


Frisbee Game Players

The Goal Basket

Singing Away

We couldn't get the slide repair finished until Saturday morning. As we watched the weather forecast, Friday night, we learned it was warmer in Albuquerque than Alabama. It wasn't the first time we've found ourselves in the wrong part of the country in a cold snap. Saturday morning, after the completion of the slide repair, we had to hook up the trailer in a raw, cold wind and it was miserable. We drove to Florence to a beautiful RV park right on the Tennessee River. Sunday was another cold day, but there was no wind. In the afternoon, we decided to take a walk along the Tennessee River from the campground to the marina. Even in the cold, people were still on the river. Walking back to the motor home, we decided to walk through the woods, instead of along the road. We were strolling along, enjoying the sound of the birds, when I happened to look up and, out of the trees, was a bright pink disc coming right at me. I was so surprised, I froze, which wasn't a good thing. Fortunately, it was at the end of its flight and hit me in the shin instead of across my face. Then we saw a group of three men who were out playing some sort of Frisbee game. They were on a course, set up similar to a golf course, and were aiming for a basket, but got me instead. Then, we began to see the numbered baskets all over the place. Next time, we'll know. We continued our stroll, still enjoying the bird song and eagle-eye Clark spotted a cardinal, singing away. Another good day in God's creation.

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