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Because of the time zone change we arrived into our campsite just after noon. The time change happened just as pulled out of Wendover. Waking up to -3 was no fun and trying to break camp with the wind blowing didn't help.

Played in the Red Garter casino until after midnight last night with both of us doing well.

The drive scenery wise was a 10 with all mountains fully covered in a fresh layer of new snow as well as the sides of the roads we travelled. Glad we sat out the last few days waiting for the snow clouds to move away.

When disconnecting the trailer there was a loud thud and some movement. Turned out, one of the landing legs on this NEW trailer collapsed no damage to the truck as the pin was still over the hitch in the truck bed. Found a Cougar dealer just down the road and headed there for an assessment of the situation.

As it turned out they were not going to help, not even going to walk out and check out what happened. Sure wish we had our old trailer again. Their suggestion was bring it back for inspection and we can order parts, needless to say I was in a rather testy mood after returning from the service door.

So we are permanently attached to this thing until we get home.

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