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Hello all,

We are in the sea-side town of Sanur. Apparently it was the original Bali resort before Kuta kicked off. It is definitely set up for tourists, I've never seen a mini-mart on the beach before, but it's not hard to get away from it all with a stroll down the beach front.

The sea is clear but the sky over-cast as it's still the wet season. However we had a really clear day yesterday and believe me the clouds don't protect you from the sun as the lobsters (me included) will confirm. It's constantly 30+ here so the odd bit of rain is quite refreshing.

We are off to Pandanbai later to hang around for a ferry to Lombok or the Gili's. The worst of the storms are apparently over and the word is that they are sailing dependent on local weather. Failing that we'll hit the beach there and chill until the coast is clear.

Please feel free to leave us messages on this site, we would like that.

Love to you all C & P xx

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