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Finally, after ordering twice, and waiting for 2 months, it is here

Our new electric head

Tools piled up all around the boat. This is the counter inside...

Once we hooked the head up outside, flushed finel. Good thing, thinks...

The plumbing runs under the galley floor in this section of the...

DONE, thanks honey and thanks Mom and Dad.

It was on our wish list for a long, long time. An electric head, toilet that is, to replace the hand-pump model that came with the boat. Actually, two hand-pump models were on board when we bought the boat, but we needed storage for the captain's tools more than a second head, so we converted our "en suite" powder room to an "en suite" tool room. You do what you have to do.

Our new electric head was a Christmas gift from Mom and Dad Wood. John spent countless hours researching different models on the internet and shopping for the best price. He found the item and I placed the order and then the waiting began.

Four weeks passed by and just as we thought our new head would arrive, John noticed the money for it refunded to our visa account. OH OH, no head.

So we began again and re-ordered, this time from another source. Island Time. By the time the head actually arrived on our island, it was Feb 9th. Joe was due to arrive on Feb 12th.

The plan had been to use the washroom in the house while John installed the new head. It didn't quite work out that way, but Joe was very understanding as we wandered into his house to use his washroom for a couple of days.

The wall behind the head had to be replaced also. We did the rest of the room ages ago, but waited until we installed a new head to change the wall behind it. This added a day to the time the job took to complete.

Every square foot of the inside of this boat was covered with tools, pipes, wire and items that appear to me to be scraps of garbage, but when I try to throw them out, I find from John, are priceless gadgets, coveted items which we must save for a rainy day. AHHHHHH, into the bottomless junk drawer they go.

Finally, after two days of work, feeding wires through walls and changing plumbing, which runs under the floor of the boat and requires that the captain works on his hands and knees, we were ready for a test run.

Clean water was used, of course, for this trial and it was a good thing, for when John pushed the nifty little button on the wall, the water was not flushed down the drain, but flung back at us. It was a LOT of water.

Back to the drawing board. The new head came back out and John hauled it outside, hooked it up to a battery and ran the hose into it. FLUSH and down the water went, instead of coming back at us. AH, it's the plumbing that's the problem, not the head itself, we realized.

The old head stood, ugly and embarrassing, outside, on the dock, all this time. I begged John to drag it to the garbage pick-up spot, but he insisted that we keep it, just in case this new one didn't work out. This thought tortured me. There is no way that ugly old, creaky, cracked, leaky head was coming back on board this boat!

Hindsight is 20/20. We should have changed all the plumbing when we installed the new head. So back down on my knees I went, in the galley, while John went back down on his knees, his legs folded up around him in the small room, and we removed the old hose and fed through and re-connected the new one.

Three day and the job was done, the tools were put away, the mess cleaned up and the final photos taken of our HEAD JOB FROM HELL!

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