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Day 4 (Surabaya trip'2012)

It was 5.50am to be exact and I was woken up by a loud scream. I learnt that the person was afraid of insects and she had seen a gigantic moth which somehow managed to enter the cottage. Anyway, once I was dressed and ready, I headed for breakfast.

There, the buffet table awaited me. I filled up my whole entire plate because everything just seemed so enticing. Once I all of us were done eating, we gathered at the main entrace and boarded the vans which took us to the village school. My teaching group and I went to the primary five class and we started to do some activities which made the students refresh their memories on what we had thought them the previous day.

Sure enough, our what we had taught the students for the past two days had paid off! They were fast learners. We then started to teach them about animals after an hour, but the children started fidgeting. Since we felt they needed a break, I introduced to them a game which involved clapping. They learnt pretty fast and enjoyed it. We were elated! Now, the students have learnt a new game and we have discovered a method to keep them engaged in lessons.

It was soon time to go. A group of children swamped around us giving us handshakes and bidding farewell. We then boarded a tour bus which would bring us to Bhakti Luhur Foundation, a place accepting abandoned children and delinquents. We had packeted lunch on the bus, specially prepared by the amazing chefs at Kaliandra. After a what seemed like eternity, we finally reached the place. It was very spacious as it was funded by many charity organisations. First, we went on a tour around the foundation and as we past by the wismas, the place where the children live in, we saw many things which shocked us. There were disabled children. Some with no limbs, some with brain tumours, some blind, and some with muscle disorders that made that unable to walk or even think properly.

We then listened to a talk about the foundation and listened to a song presentation done by a group of blind girls. One started playing the piano and another began to sing, followed by the other girls. They sang like angels and the whole entire presentation sounded spectacular. After that, we taught some students how to do balloon sculpting.

It was soon time to go. We took a group photo and said or goodbyes. Then, the bus took us to a Chinese Javanese restaurant called Taman Indie. It was also buffet style and all of us enjoyed it thoroughly, not to forget the teachers!

That day, I learned a lot. People do deserve to be happy. We are so fortunate that we take things for granted. All we think about is buying things and not giving. We forget that the things we have do not matter as much as people who are less priviledged. The money we use is spent on unecessary desires instead of it being donated for a good cause. This was what I thought when in Bhakti Luhur. I am sure that all of us would never ever forget this and I hope that all of us would cherish what we have.

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