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I took quite a ribbing from my friends today. Remember that yesterday I wrote something about celebrating our friends departure from Llano Grande.

I deserved the abuse because I worded it all wrong. I went back and corrected that entry to read that we celebrated our time together.

This morning Heinz & Irene picked us up and we all went to the Flea Market to find a few items.

I just had to purchase a dozen fresh, still hot, mini donuts, coated with a cinnamon sugar mixture. I shared them with Heinz as we waited for the gals to find us waiting in the truck.

The donuts were very tasty!

Back at the RV, we were pleased to see the sun finally break through the overcast skies.

Bob, Jesse, Ginger, Marilyn and I all rode to the Mercedes Fairgrounds to see the Ranch Rodeo. Janet stayed behind to do some baking and invited all of us to come over for cherry cobbler and ice cream when we came back home.

The Ranch Rodeo is where teams of five cowboys from different ranches in the area, compete in rodeo events, and it is fun to watch.

I am a big fan of rodeo, especially when it is real cowboys competing. Maybe we’ll go again next weekend to watch the Professionals compete.

Also at the fairgrounds there was a carnival with all sorts of food and different rides, shows, etc. It was very colorful and Marilyn took pictures for you.

It was a few minutes after 5:00 PM when we returned to the resort and shortly after that we gathered at Bob & Janet’s site for that home-made cobbler and ice cream.

Oh My! Oh My! Oh My!

Janet even made the crust from scratch and it was flaky and delicious. The cobbler was as Marilyn described it, “To Die For!”

In fact Jesse and I each had a second helping!

Yes it was that good!

It was still daylight when we walked back home to settle down and watch “Amazing Race” on TV. That was due to the time change.

One of our friends wrote on FB that an Indian referred to the time change this way.

“Only the Government could cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it on at the bottom and declare that it was now a longer blanket”.

I may not have quoted that correctly but you get the idea.

I have pictures to share with you today so I’ll get busy with that little project.

It has been another fine day in the RGV.

Life is Good!

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