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Day trip to Apollonia ... got back mid p.m....did more wash, vest & shirt, dry slowly in. unheated room. Very happy here with Wifi in room doing MTJ Entries, even uploading photos quite quickly, almost 3/min.!

A bit better weather, even some sun. I noticed on the way to/from the louage/taxi station small (4-6) groups of men huddled around boards in parks playing dominoes and card games. There seemed to be a lot of activity including a street market in the a.m. when we left town but all this dried up by the time we returned mid p.m.

We checked at a couple bus line for onward travel tomorrow but only found one leaving @ 7 AM! I don't think this is our only option, we will see. Museums are closed today so Mari would like to be here long enough tomorrow to visit one/some? This may end up in a tussle nice Bon (& I) are thinking since we really have nothing arranged for transport it may take longer to piece together tomorrow a series of louages/buses! If we don't leave until after noon - knowing Mari, this is a distinct possibility - then quite possibly we'd not get to Saranda, our destination, until dark. Whereas, we had some little info about Lore, about Saranda we have none! We shall see

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