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We tender ashore to take a tour to explore the fascinating culture of Lombok in Indonesia. Lombok is an island west of Bali and advertises itself as the “unspoiled Bali” in an attempt to draw more tourism. Tourism is Lombok’s highest source of income and we are warmly welcomed at the pier by Indonesian dancers.

It is a 45 minute bus ride inland to Mataram, the capital city. The area is agriculturally fertile and we pass many rice and water spinach fields. Mount Rinjani is the island’s most dramatic geological landmark rising 12,224 feet. It is an active volcano that last erupted in 1997 but it is difficult to see because of the low lying clouds.

In Mataram, we observe that the preferred mode of transportation is the motorcycle or scooter. It is not unusual to see men and women in business attire or even an entire family ride one. Another mode is the cidomo or traditional horse cart. Our first stop is the Nusa Tenggara Barat Museum to see its collection of batik, ceremonial dress, utensils, coins and musical instruments. Our next stop is a pearl shop since Lombok is known for its pearls. Next we stop at the Sayang Art Market where Courtney and Deb each buy a quilted batik bag. Our final stop is Lingsar, a large temple complex built in 1714. This is the most important temple on the island for the Balinese and for the local Sasak people who adhere to Wetu Telu Islam. At each stop, we are surrounded by vendors trying to sell watches, hand-woven bracelets, pearl necklaces, T-shirts and pirated DVDs. At the temple complex, young children tried to sell small bottles of incense.

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