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Not quite ready for the day...

... and either is Breezy.

Breezy the weather-cat says: Cold, wet, and rainy all day.

It was just too tempting

This is why we can't go to the riverwalk anymore.

Can you believe we fit it all in the "Gator"?

Lots of work going on trying to get the cabins ready for...

Cindy and I help out with the cabin renovations in the park

New furniture to be assembled and placed in the proper rooms.

A new kitchenette

These are really nice for State Park cabins, was couldn't be re-worked...

New bathrooms


While in the park, this is the best place to get WiFi......

The mad "photo-bomber" strikes again.

Cindy regrets doing laundry this afternoon, as a cold front makes for...

The standard, included dish vs. the tailgater... a no-brainer.

Placing the "Tailgater" out of reach of thieves.

Two can play the "photo-bombing" game, baby!

The varmints are ugly in these parts.

Cindy poses for a another issue of "Slips, Trips, and Falls" magazine.

You'd think the roots of that tree were deliberately tripping her!



Either Cindy has an admirer leaving gifts... or we need to discuss...

Kimberly and Dave visit us at the park. (I forgot to post...

Kim's daughter Brooke wants to go for a ride.


Breezy's new bed is cat tested... and approved.

Winding down at the end of a busy day.













Untitled 43

Where's your mother?

Anybody in there?

Didn't see Batman anywhere... but Robins were EVERYWHERE.

Afternoon nap

An unexpected "shepherd"


The end of a rainbow?

As close as I can get to the axis deer, for now.


"Old Baldy" in the background.





"Rock beach".

The C.C.C. dining hall.

Untitled 58

The original speed limit sign from the C.C.C., now in front of...

Front of the dining hall.


I woke up and turned on the park radio this morning, and was immediately entertained. You never know what's going to come across that thing, it's like listening to a scanner. The other day, a woman got stuck in a bathroom when the door shut and automatically locked. (A ranger had swapped out doorknobs as part of a project) Yesterday, there was a report that a hand dryer in the campground next to us was "shooting out flames". (I responded that, "I thought I smelled bacon frying.", but my wit wasn't rewarded with a response.) My favorite incident was the EMT who couldn't wait to tell the story of a woman who'd fainted over the weekend, his choice of words could've been better: "I had a woman go down on me yesterday!" he said over the radio to his boss, who'd been off that day. Boss: "Uhhh, could you repeat that?" EMT: "I had a woman go down on me!" Apparently, the poor guy didn't understand the inuendo, and is boss finally replied: "When you get a chance, please come to my office."

We got a call later to see if we wouldn't mind helping out at the cabins, seems they needed some extra hands to finish the renovations on the cabins to make the deadline. We helped move mattresses in, arranged the new furniture, and assembled the beds. We were surprised at the quality of work, since the park system always seems to have trouble getting funding. They're really nice, but at $130 a night they better be. (Although, as one park ranger observed, "These tables ain't gonna last.. you get a 175 pounder up there, those legs are gonna give." Ahhh, that's the voice of experience talking... you just never know what people are gonna use those cabins for. Lol.

Cindy finally wakes up, and as usual, it's never a dull moment. In the simple act of using the lavatory, she slides the door shut, imitating the "swooshing" sound of the old Star Trek doors on the U.S.S. Enterprise... getting her finger jammed in the latch in the process. Haha, I think we're up to 110 "self-inflicted" injuries since we moved into the camper. Cindy makes "Dangerprone Daphne" look like an OSHA rep.

Cindy found out, that you can't get away from the finicky public, when we overheard a complaint over the radio that "the restrooms in our area were filthy, and had been for 2 days." This was news to us, since she spent 2 hours cleaning them with bleach and pine-o-pine only 12 hours earlier. We can only assume they were complaining about the flying insects that somtimes enter overnight, or a single toilet seat in the last stall that was stained due to graffiti cleaning. Later that night, the complainers, were in the restroom while Cindy was showering, and she overheard one of them exclaim: "Still filthy!" I guess they thought it was the Hilton?

In other news, i'm still trying to get good close-ups of wildlife. The animals are so skiddish you'd think they were being hunted regularly. I can't get within 50yds before the deer sound the alarm and bolt. Cindy and I decided to do laundry yesterday around 4:30pm, (The laundry room is 10 minute ride on the Gator, across the park). By the time it was done, a cold front had passed through, and the temps dropped into the 40's! It was a cold, dark ride back to the camper. That's what happens when you can't regularly check the news, I guess.

On a side note, the pictures of the mule and the sheep were interesting. As we approached, the mule had it's own thing going on 40ft or so from the sheep, and the sheep were sleeping. As soon as I broke out the camera, the mule went into "shepherd" mode, woke everyone up, herded them together, and took a line of defense as they gathered around her. She was quite the protector. I've included a large number of images, since it's a long drive to do these journal entries right now. Sorry to "overwhelm" you all. Until next time!

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